Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

So.. my husband and I watched a documentary the other night on Netflix.  Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.  Although I don't consider myself to be majorly obese, I do have weight on me. No matter what I do or how much I exercise I still carry more weight than I'd like.  I'm rather short and I come by my shape and size naturally (genes) - however, I am always interested in healthy ways to firm up if I can't drop weight.  So, when I saw this documentary, I knew nothing going in and I truly enjoyed it.


I have no plans to unpack this flick or to be a critic.  Our world has too many of the latter, but I am seriously preparing my body and mind and habits in the event of taking on a three day juice fast.  The documentary follows a man from down under on his journey to be healthy.  He travels across the U.S. and while doing it, just so happens to be doing a 60 juice fast.  Now, juicing is new to some and under rated by most.  Juicing is not dieting, juicing is not purchased juice all day, nor is it smoothies galore.  Juicing is a way to not only get in your fruits and veggies every day, it's  an efficient way to reprogram your body.  


While I have been contemplating the logistics for myself and praying about what God is prompting me to do, I battle my flesh.  See, um, I like to eat.  I like to cook.  I like to read cookbooks and am known to be glued to the television while "Chopped" is on.  In my last blog entry, I talked about being dressed in the right clothes and if I am to take on this venture, it will surely be successful, if and only if - I'm in the full armor of God.  Scripture says in order to stand firm, get dressed.  Jesus tells us in the book of Luke (9:24), "For whoever wshes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will save it."


I love my life.  I love my husband, our boys, our dogs, our friends and family.  I love our home, our church, our stuff.  God has blessed me with many good things.  I consider myself to be a fairly kind person and I think I do a decent job representing the kingdom.  But I got my issues.  You can't have seven surgeries in three years and NOT have issues.  I've been married nearly 18 years and have two teenage boys. Yeah! I got stuff.  But nothing that can't be fully dealt with in the care of Jesus.  


So what if I really do a juice fast and lose my addiction to chocolate?  That could be really cool. I'm not looking to lose that particular area (I fasted from chocolate a few years back preparing for a mission trip and it was awful), but I am interested in learning more about how my body responds to food and how I can live the second half of my journey as healthy as possible.  I could stand to lose a few more things other than pounds.  Bad habits regarding my body is at the top of my list.  


As I said, I'm not ready to go 100% yet, but I am interested in preparing for that time.  For several days I have replaced breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack with 80% veggies and 20% fruit; which I have prepared in my vitamix (not a juicer).  There are loads of recipes and websites that outline in detail how to prepare, so I won't bother.  One thing that I know for certain is that more veggies the better!  Fruit should be used to sweeten and shouldn't be the focus.  Ginger makes everything fun and ice and extra water make a great consistency.


I'll try a full fast next week.  Until then... 

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