As the crutches go...

I will brag just for a moment, and hope you're okay with it.  I am walking without my crutches.  Four weeks and five days ago, I had hip surgery.  The surgeon arthroscopically repaired a torn labrum, performed a trochanteric bursectomy and performed a femoralplasty.  Yes, I had hip impingement surgery.  


The surgeon (Dr. Laith Farjo) was simply fantastic.  His P.A. Mike was fantastic.  The office staff, of course, was also fantastic.  Before having the surgery on December 10th, I had three physical therapists, and three spine surgeons, and two other physicians. That's a total of eight doctors.  All who had different opinions... different drugs... different therapy techniques.  And only one, Dr. Farjo - saw my MRA, examined me and had a plan.  The original injury to my hip was in the fall of 2010.  If you are reading this and know you're not crazy, I recommend you press into the matter, because you are your best advocate.  Great doctors are out there, but when it's all said and done, you are your best chance at being heard.  Take notes, ask questions, do your research.  You're worth it.


Now, I sit here, way ahead of the normal schedule for healing and therapy.  It could be because I have a high pain tolerance.  I admit it.  It could be because I have (sadly) a lot of experience with recovering from surgery.  But, I believe that one reason I am doing well, is because I have so many wonderful people around me praying me up.  I am seeking God in the down time and using it wisely.  If you are in recovery mode, don't allow the slower pace to get under your skin and bring you down mentally.  Scripture says we are more than conquerors in the book of Romans.  So act like it.  Read your bible.  Put down the phone, loosen your schedule and ask God to fill the space.  Your experience can help those around you.  

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