After the saddle sores...

I can't not tell you a secret to how I survived 300 miles on my bike in three days.  I'd love to say it was the team I rode with.  No, sadly it wasn't.  It was God.  Truly.  He supported me through songs, through prayers of a dozen friends...  I had asked my good friends to each "own" a time slot on each of the three days and pray for me.  They did.  Almost every hour I received a text of encouragement or a scripture. It was like breathing in a little bit of God every time my cell phone vibrated.


My husband was a ginormous reason I finished each mile.  He signed up to be a volunteer SAG driver on the course.  He changed tires, gave respite to tired souls and drove some folks to the next rest stop, just to give them a break.  And, although he was on the course ahead of me, he planned every nutrition break and hotel arrangement.  He cleaned my bike, oiled it up and made sure I had every bit of fuel I needed.  He treated me like a queen.  As I write this, I am full of joy and shaking my head.  I think one of the reasons God prompted me to actually start this blog (a trip down memory lane and witness to His goodness) was to show me how great my man is.  I can honestly tell you we drive one another nuts some days.  But my husband's love language is serving.  This is how he shows love.


Those last two lines are not to be ignored.  The book - The "five love languages" by Gary Chapman - is a must purchase if you've never read it.  Basically in a nut shell, the book outlines five love languages that we, as individuals show love and receive love.   I give love differently than I receive love.   (ha! that's fun)

There are FIVE different ways to give and receive love. They are in no particular order:  Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Physical Touch


My man... shows me love with Acts of Service.  I receive love, with Words of Affirmation.  Do you see that?  Totally different languages.  It's not to say, that when I get a hug or spend the afternoon with him, I don't feel love, I'm just saying that in our relationship, I need to appreciate and understand his natural love language, which is serving. If I get bull headed or don't spend time with God, I start looking to my husband to fill me up.  This never ends well for me. The way I receive love from my husband -  directly correlates with my time with God.  I need time daily with The Lord to be the wife I desire to be.  To be the mom I desire to be, as well as the servant, friend and witness.


Riding the WAM 300 in 2012; (mostly alone) allowed me time to really dive into this concept.  I was able to finish every mile in 2012 (four weeks post spine surgery) because I was vulnerable enough to ask my good friends for specific prayer.  I allowed myself to be very dependent on my husband, and most of all, allowed God to speak to me on the course.  I remember very clearly riding the second day of the ride - the longest day (115 miles) - when I was sure I was done.  I couldn't recall scripture if my life depended on it.  It was hot, I was alone and I was going bonkers.


God prompted me to call one of my dearest friends (you see her in the pictures I posted yesterday, another fairy that ran with me in Disney) and I asked her to read the Word to me. As she read, I cried and kept peddling.  The more she read, the more my legs worked and the more confident I became.  The Word of God heals, saves, directs our steps and is used for sharpening one another.  I feel very strongly, that if you have been led to this rambling site of mine, that you need to know that you have a very real God who loves you - knows you and knit you together.  He has crazy great plans for you and if you open your heart up to Him, really... you can experience healing in more ways than you'd ever imagine.


As soon as I finished the 2012 WAM 300 on the track of the Michigan International Speedway, I knew I'd do it again.  Little did I know that God would provide me another friend to ride with as well as my husband!  What could get in my way?


Ha!  that's a funny story...




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