A house divided...

A house divided...

John 15:15 Jesus tells us in no uncertain terms... "I am the vine; you are the branches.  If you remain in Me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from Me you can do nothing."


My husband and I are in DC as I type this.  He had a meeting here and we decided to attend solo without our high school aged boys.  Thankfully they both toured DC when they were in middle school.  I am grateful for our school to participate in the history of our nation.  I was simply in awe, touring our war memorials, while watching visiting veterans being pushed in a wheelchair to see the memorials.  I have such admiration and respect for our soldiers.  I cried deeply out loud as I counted the stars, which represented how many lives were lost in the Second World War.  Men, Women, Fathers, Mothers, Aunts, Uncles, Sons and Daughters... fought and came back and worked hard to get our country on track for greatness.  In the time since the greatest generation were in their prime to now, is another reason I cry.  


When I read through scripture, time and again, we see people fall far from The Lord.  They turn to useless idols.  God is calling me to a full devotion to Him alone.  I forget... I fall... I choose the lesser thing more often than I'd like.  Even walking through our nations capital yesterday, I was vascilating between gratefulness and allowing my mind to wander to goofy places.  The Holy Spirit, was with me though and I continued to pray when I felt my mind drift to ungodly things.  


Have you ever been out of town and out of your routine of bible study or prayer and tell yourself that you'll get back in the groove when it's convenient again?  I have.  It takes discipline and a true longing for what is the better thing, to stay on track with our study times.  We live in an amazing country.  We honor an amazing God.  We are blessed by and large, more than the majority of people on the planet.  Are we representing God the way we should?  Am I believing that I can do all things through Christ or do I just use that scripture when it's convenient for me or I have admittedly lost connection with the vine?


We need to represent Christ in everything we do.  When we are standing in line at a store, a market or a museum.  We need to represent Him by the movies we watch, the language we speak and the love we show to a desperate generation.  I was moved by our taxi cab driver. He was kind and chatty.  I asked him where he was from and he told me that he moved here 15 years ago from Afghanistan.  He holds a PhD. in mathematics and left his country out of fear.  In Afghanistan, he was a professor.  He can not teach here and can not afford to go back to school here, he is saving his money to send his son to college.  He drives a taxi. He loves Jesus.  The same Jesus I love.  He is connected to the vine.  Living as a taxi cab driver 6-7 days a week as a free man.  He was showing me Jesus but his courteous nature and joy for a free life here in America.  His life is dramatically different here.  He and his wife know the freedom they have now and have no problem sacrificing wealth, acceptance and leaving many relatives to be living here in America.  


My heart gets very achy when I see our precious nation in the place it is now.  I pray God continues to show us mercy.  But moreover, I pray for the upcoming generation to truly know God.  I pray for my teenage sons to remain attached to the Vine, that is our Christ.  I pray they know where their hope is.  I am no fool, I realize that part of them learning to trust Christ as they grow older, will be through seeing Him in difficult times.  Wherever you are today, I pray that you carve out time to thank The Lord for the freedom we have in our nation and to pray for the next generation to be hungry for Christ and to obey the Word of God.  Much depends on their faith.


In the Holocaust Museum, there is one large black marble wall, with one verse on it.  "You are My witnesses."  Isaiah 43:10


Go!  Be His hands and feet today.  The world is watching us.  Happy Resurrection... He is Risen!




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